Aaron & the Argonauts are an international collective of musicians from the U.K., Cuba, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy & Germany.

Together they create beautiful, passionate and highly original music, with earworm melodies and dance friendly rhythms. Expect Jazz, Bossa Nova, Funk, Alt Rock, Gospel, Drum 'n' Bass, and Esoteric Free Improv!

Quality Nourishment for Your Mind Soul and Spirit ! 

The Argonauts mostly play original music written by Aaron, plus choice cover versions by artists Aaron has performed with including Prince's Everlasting Now, Amy Winehouse's Valerie and Monkey Man, and Norman Connors' You're a Star, Butterfly and Stella.  While most of the members are session musicians, they operate like a real band. By practising together every week they workshopping all new material and build a trust and kinship which when combined with their highly trained skills bring life and shine to the songs and instrumentals

CHEYNE TOWERS                                                   JOHN BLACKBURN                                                          PAUL MICHAEL

Cheyne & Aaron have been playing together since they met in Glastonbury village in 1994. Cheyne has worked with Kangaroo Moon, Lee Griffiths, Jimpster and Trevor Horn. As well as playing bass, Cheyne is a hypnotherapist and tai chi teacher.