Together Forever, recorded with Sansa and Sam Grimley (Tom Jones) - vocals, Nikolaj Bjerre (Lamb) - drums, Neville Malcolm (Billy Cobham) - double bass, Robin Bannerjee (Amy Winehouse) - guitar, Prince Sampson (Des-Ree) - guitar, Josue Ferriera - guitar, Sean Hargreaves (Michael Buble) - piano, Norman Jankowski - pandiero.

Former Amy Winehouse sax player Aaron Liddard releases his first exciting new single ‘Together Forever’. A latin tinged lilt that breaks out into a jarring yet jazzy street groove for anybody who likes a bit of goosenecking! A crisp tight production sees our man of the horn teasing us with perennial jazz flute (and who doesn’t like a bit of jazz flute?) And did I mention it has purely sumptuous vocals?
— Emrys Biard, Blues and Soul Magazine